2021 Star Product for stainless steel kitchen/hotel equipment manufacturing & other metal thin sheet fabrication
■ Unmatched laser stability guarantees consistent power across the entire output range
■ Easy mode selection allows rapid switching between different material thickness combinations
■ Reliable fiber laser source, built-in water chiller and water-cooled laser gun ensures 3 shifts work
■ Wobble laser gun creates highly aesthetic seams
■ Selection of nozzles available for optimum welding of different joint types
■ Able to extend with robot arm or CNC motion table
■ Auto wire feeding unit and wobble laser can be quite helpful for the parts with poor fit-up
Versatile workmate for AD Signs Fabrication Decorative Construction & Metal Furniture Production
  • Bench welding mode and hand-held welding mode easily switchable in one machine
  • Significantly improve thin metal welding quality while consuming less time at lower cost
  • No toxic substances will be produced during working and no filler material needed 
  • Bench Mode and Pen Mode can be switched in one second for different size workpiece 
  • Up to 100 setting combinations can be stored and recalled in no time 
  • HD digital camera and LED monitor can help the operator to see tiny details clearly under bench mode 
  • Red laser pointer can help the operator to locate the weld spot faster and easier under pen mode 
  • Reliable water chiller with high cooling capacity can maximize machine service life up to 10 years.
  • More
    An industrial fiber laser welder for mass production
    ■ Support customization for various applications
    ■ High Precision High Speed High Reliability
    ■ 3 or 4 axis simultaneous auto motion can realize complex curve welding or profile welding
    ■ Up to 10000hrs long life Chinese/Germany fiber laser source adopted
    ■ Maintenance-free within 6 years while little connsumables required
    ■ 40% photo-electronic conversion efficiency, less power consuming
    ■ Compact design and forced air cooling technology save its footprint
    ■ Stable energy output (±2%) enhances product yield greatly
    ■ High speed welding and satisfied welding result can be accuired at the same time
    ■ Outstanding beam quality compared to traditional diode laser alway bring beautiful welding beads and seamless end products
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    What We offer

    Laser Welding Serial

    • For jewelry  & accessories
    • For mold repairing    
    • For 3D Signs / LED letters welding   
    • For sheet metal processing      
    • For motors & sensors
    • For auto parts and precision tools  

    Laser Marking Serial

    Widely used in food and drugs packaging, cigarette and wine bottle coding, PVC pipe/wire marking, electronics and digital products anti-counterfeiting, auto parts track coding and other fields.  Single machine or multi-position marking station can be selected.                 

    Laser Cleaning Serial

    Removal of oil/ rust/ coating/ painting/oxide on metal surface, building surface attachment, rubber tire mold residue, and etc. 

    An effective and eco way of surface cleaning compared to chemical or mechanical way.

    Precision Laser Cutter

    500W to 3000W available; Work area 500*500mm  to 3000*1500mm available;
    Chinese cutting head and imported head available;       
    Overseas service available;
    3 years warranty available

    Why Choose Us

    Variety of products

    We supply full solution of laser processing jobs: from laser welders to laser markers, from laser cutters to laser cleaners, with laser power 3W to 3000W.

    Customer-oriented Service

    Plenty of machine accessories or customized tools can be offered or finely designed to acquire ultimate work performance of different laser applications

    Strict QC Control

    Each machine will be produced under monitoring and QC control per ISO:9001.Up to 8 hours fatigue test will be carried out before machine delivery.

    Highlight Products

    Who We Are

    Aiming at making manufacturing easier, DOMAIN LASER dedicated in laser technology research and development, industrialization of laser technology, and offering high quality long life low maintenance laser welding/ marking/cutting systems base upon a great number of key  enabling industries such as: consuming electronics, packaging industry, auto parts, jewelries, textile & leather, electronic components, glass and optical units, medical devices, house furnishings, tools, mold, precision manufacturing, and etc.

    As an industry-leading enterprise in central China, DOMAIN LASER has certified with ISO 9001 quality system certificate, CE certificate and FDA accession. Till the end of 2021, we have supplied laser processing systems to users from over 80 countries worldwide and products quality was deeply affirmed by public

    Typical Customers