Precision laser welding machine

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Scope of application

It is applied to the precision welding of optical communication devices, it, medical, electronic, battery, optical fiber coupling devices, metal parts, mobile vibration motor, clock and other precision parts.

With the development of technology, precision laser welding system has been acquiring incomparable advantages in electronic industry for non-ferrous metals welding

Performance characteristics

Precision laser welding system is able to purify the welding pool and clean welding seam at the same time of welding process. It can be applied to the welding between same metal or different metals. Because of the high energy density,it’s particularly suitable to weld metal materials with high melting point/ high reflectivity/ good thermal conductivity. The seam after welding has high aspect ratio but small heat-affective zone. Welding speed is fast,yet material distortion is small and. Finishing result is nice and clean with no stoma found. Workpiece after welding is even stronger than mother material.

In a word, precision laser welding system can realize spot welding, butt welding, stack welding, seal welding and other kinds of welding especially on thin materials or precision parts.

Technical Reference

Model No. CY-WF70 CY-WF120 CY-WF200
Laser Power 70W 120W 200W
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Pulse Width Adjustable/fixed
Pulse Frequency 1~100Hz
Power Consumption 4KW 5KW 6KW
Power Supply AC220V single phase ,15~30A
Processing Scale 100*100mm~500*500mm
Locating System red laser assistance,fixture/visual locating optional
Shield Gas Argon/Nitrogen
Work Mode Scanner welding:30~8000mm/s,Fixed head welding:1~800mm/s
Cooling Type water cooling
Ambient Environment 0℃~35℃,5%~75%

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