Precision laser cutting machine

Scope of application

Suitable for Sapphire / glass / ceramic precision cutting, FPC / PCB precision cutting and drilling, and all kinds of metal and non-metal thin sheet precision cutting

Performance characteristics
■355nm UV laser, 532nm green laser, 1064nm nanosecond laser and 1064nm picosecond laser can be configured to meet the needs of different materials and different processing technologies

■Fully closure cabinet ensures the safety of operator during laser processing

■Marble base equipped with linear motor and CCD positioning to ensure positioning accuracy of XY axis ±2um

■Scanning peed up to 8000mm / s, which will realize high production capacity

■Open interface can meet all kinds of automation requirements through secondary development or hardware expansion

Technical Reference

Model No. CY-JC
Laser Power Optional
Laser Mode Optional
Laser wavelength 355nm/532nm/1064nm/10600nm Optional
Processing Scale 600*500mm/300*300mm
Processing Speed fixed laser output:1~800mm/s;
scanning laser output: 30~8000mm/s
Cooling Type air cooling or water cooling
Power Supply AC220V 15A single phase
Shield Gas Nitrogen/Argon/CO2/compressed air
Power Consumption <1.5KW
Outer Dimensions 1800*1750*1810mm or1500*1700*1500mm
Work Environment Temperature 10℃`35℃,Humidity 5%~75%

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