Single/Multiple Output Fiber Transmission Laser Welding Machine

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Fiber transmission laser welding system is a kind of laser welding technology that couples high-energy laser beam into optical fiber, after long-distance transmission, collimate it into parallel light through collimator, and then focus on the workpiece. Therefore it becomes easier to carry out flexible transmission non-contact welding for the parts that are difficult to access.It’s widely applied to precision welding of optical communication devices, IT/ medical/ electronic/ battery/ optical fiber coupling devices, picture tube electron gun, metal parts, mobile phone vibration motor, clock precision parts, automobile steel sheet, etc.


■Laser power output is verified and maintained to ensure high welding repeatablity and quality.The Output power is shifted within 3%

■During processing,waveform can be adjusted according to shape and material of workpiece to improve welding quality greatly

■Multi-station processing can be realized though splitting the laser beam. In addition,high speed beam split by galvanometer scanner is available. Multi-station processing mode can be all stations welding at the same time or each station welding at specified time sequence. This processing mode highly improves processing flexibility and productivity.

■IO connectors enable it to co-work with many different equipment such as sensors,visual system,motion system, robot arm

■Imported major components of high quality ensure system reliability

■Customized system can be provide according to customer’s processing requirement


Model No. CY-WF75 CY-WF150 CY-WF300
Laser Power 75W 150W 300W
Power Stability standard power:±5% , energy negative-feedback power:±2%
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Pulse Width 0.5~20ms
Pulse Frequency 1~100Hz
Welding Spot Diameter 0.2-2mm
Max Welding Depth ≤1.0mm
Power Consumption 4KW 5KW 8KW
Power Supply AC220V single phase
Locating System red laser assistance,fixture/visual locating optional
Flexible Worktable Galvo Scanner Integrated Worktable,XY Motion Table, Robot Arm
Cooling Method water cooling
Host Dimensions 1400*650*1200mm
Ambient Environment 0~35℃,5%~75%

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