Laser cleaning machine

Scope of application

Laser cleaning is a new generation of non-destructive surface treatment high-tech products. Because of its easy installation and operation, availability of automation, portable cart design,durable and compact structure, it’s now widely applied in removing of oil/rust/coating/painting/oxide on metal surface, stone building surface attachment, rubber tire mold residue, and etc. Laser cleaning is considered to be an effective and eco-friendly way of surface cleaning compared to traditional chemical or mechanical way.

Performance characteristics

■high cleaning efficiency, nice and even finishing, no damage to the target material

■different laser sources can be selected according to the target application, which allows a wider range of applicable materials and industries

■online real-time monitoring technology with multi-sensor fusion can monitor the cleaning effect in real time

■selective cleaning of precise locations within a precise range

■laser cleaning head is portable to be held by hand, it also can co-work with a robot or CNC motion system automatically

■laser cleaning system is highly reliable but low maintenance

Technical Reference 

Model No. CY-M50X CY-M70X CY-M100X CY-M150X CY-M200X CY-M300X
Laser Power 50W 70W 100W 150W 200W 300W
Wavelength 1064nm
Frequency 1-2000 KHz
Pulse Duration 10~400 ns
Cleaning Width 1~200mm
Focal Depth 10mm
Cleaning Mode Hand-held/automation(optional)
Cooling Method built-in air cooled
Efficiency Rust (20μm) 1.8㎡ /h 2.0㎡ /h 4.0㎡ /h 4.8㎡ /h 8.0㎡ /h 10.0㎡ /h
Oil (20μm) 2.2㎡ /h 2.5㎡ /h 4.5㎡ /h 5.5㎡ /h 9.0㎡ /h 11.0㎡ /h
Oxide Film 1.2㎡ /h 1.5㎡ /h 3.0㎡ /h 3.6㎡ /h 6.0㎡ /h 8.0㎡ /h
Painting(120μm) 0.5㎡ /h 0.7㎡ /h 1.0㎡ /h 1.5㎡ /h 2.0㎡ /h 3.0㎡ /h
Power Supply AC220V,50/60Hz
Power Consumption 800~1000W
Dimensions 700*400*800 mm
Weight Host:50~60kg ; laser cleaning head: 2.5kg
Ambient Environment 5~40 ℃

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