UV Laser & Green Laser Marking Machine with Closure Cabinet

Scope of application

UV / green laser marking system is the first choice for customers who have higher requirements for the marking effect because of its small focus spot and small heat affected area, so it can carry out ultra-fine marking and complete the marking of special materials.

The materials suitable for processing are more extensive, which are mainly used in the fields of metal and non-metal surface coating film laser processing, glass and ceramic materials, chips, computer mobile phones, consumer electronics, electronic components, aerospace, medical devices, daily hardware, fine daily chemicals and drug packaging marks.

Performance characteristics

■Laser source adopts end pump structure TE cooled semiconductor and the first pulse suppression technology to ensure high stability of the system

■New and optimized optical design and selected components ensure long life and low maintenance of the system, which can be produced stably and continuously for a long time.

■Fully closed design of processing area to ensure the safety protection of personnel in the process of processing

■Advanced technology guarantee, no need to replace the frequency doubling crystal, effectively reduce operating costs

Technical Reference

Power 3W 8W 15W 10W 30W
Laser wavelength 355nm 532nm
Laser type UV Laser Green Laser
Repetition frequency 20-120 KHZ
Marking range 50*50mm/70*70mm/110*110mm
Carving line speed ≤7000mm/s
Spot diameter 0.015mm
Power supply AC 220V, 5A
The power consumption of the whole machine 700W
Dimensions 1000*850mm*1250mm
Weight of the whole machine 190kg
Cooling method Water cooling
Environmental requirements Temperature 10~35, humidity 5%~75%, well-ventilated and clean, non vibration source


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