CO2 Laser Flying Marking Machine


It can be used in electronic components, instruments, clothing,leather, bags, shoes making, buttons, glasses, medicine, beverage, cosmetics, packaging, electrical equipment and other fields.


CO2 laser marking and engraving system is based on the advanced RF excited sealed off CO2 laser to produce laser of wavelength of 9.3 ~ 10.64 μm. After focusing and Galvanometer deflection,CO2 laser can finish marking/drilling/engraving/cutting jobs on most non-metal materials.

This system is easy to operate and user-friendly. Unique fully-sealed cavity makes all optical components free from environment dust,the special air duct design and air inlet multiple filtration keep the circuit board in main control cabinet stay thermostatic and clean in longer service time.


Model No. M20C M30C M55C M100C
Laser Power 20W 30W 55W 100W
Laser Media CO2
Laser Wavelength 9.3~10.64μm
Laser Frequency ≤50KHZ
Marking range Processing Scale 70*70~200*200mmoptional
Linear Speed ​​of Engraving 7000mm/s
Min Line width 0.08mm
Min Text Height 0.21mm
Repeat Accuracy ±0.03mm
Cooling Type Air cooling Water cooling/
Air cooling
Water cooling Water cooling
Power Supply Requirements 220V/50HZ/5A
Work Environment Temperature 5℃-35℃, humidity 5%~75%

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