Three-dimensional dynamic laser marking machine

Scope of application

Suitable for laser marking on various metal or non-metal flat saurface and dimensional surface.

It is widely used for laser marking on mobile phones , computer peripheral products, circuit board, medical devices, dies, 3C electronics, automotive parts, electronic communications and etc.

Performance characteristics

■ Unique dynamic optical optimization design and software automatic compensation can improve the processing efficiency by more than 15% compared with similar equipment

■ The imported core components ensures the stability of the equipment and the long life of the laser source

■ All the control boards and software are independently developed with open port for different needs of customers, and the expansion functions can be customized

■ The independently developed 3D dynamic marking software brings small distortion of surface mapping, which can automatically map and directly edit graphics on 3D surfaces

Technical Reference

Model CY-M30F-3D CY-M50F-3D CY-M100F-3D
Power 30W 50W 100W
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Pulse frequency 30-500KHZ
Scope of compliance 100*100m-600*600mm optional
Minimum line width 0.03mm
Carving line speed 350charactor/s@200*200mm
Working deflection angle +-11.25°
Repeat marking accuracy 8urad
The power consumption of the whole machine 500w-1500w
Dimensions 982mm*650mm*1620mm
Power supply Single phase AC220v 15A single phase
Cooling method Air cooling/water cooling
Environmental requirements Temperature 10~35, humidity 5%~75%,

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