Machine Vision Automatic Marking Inspection Machine

Scope of application

Various types of gelatin/starch capsules for medicines and health care products, various hard tablets, sugar-coated tablets

Performance characteristics

■Capsule pill visual positioning laser marking system is a special marking system independently developed by our company. Because the capsule shell or pill surface is easily scorched, deformed or smoked when ordinary laser marking is used, and the capsule pill Small size and large output, have extremely high requirements on positioning accuracy and marking speed, so the UV laser has become the best choice for this system.

■ The system can be equipped with automatic conveyor belt or spiral vibrating plate for feeding and transmission. First, machine vision is used to automatically identify the shape and external placement of the pills (no need to ensure the orderly arrangement of the pills), and then use the UV laser for uninterrupted flight Mark, reuse the vision system for quality inspection and troubleshoot and eliminate the problem pills, and finally deliver the qualified products to the packaging automated production line. There is no human participation in the whole process, which can greatly reduce the pollution accidents of drugs or processing equipment

■The height of the fully enclosed cabinet can be raised and lowered as required, and the marking area can be monitored in real time, and the total number of markings can be displayed intuitively, which is simple and safe to operate

■Special marking software can achieve multiple targets and capture fast marking at the same time. It has a large tolerance rate for soft capsules that are easy to deform, avoiding missed marking and repeated marking to the greatest extent, and the pass rate of marking once is higher than 99.8%.

■Different lighting sources can be selected according to the color and material of the capsule to ensure the recognition rate of the vision system

■ Use stainless steel conveyor belt for food and medicine, all stainless steel body and hopper, food-grade feeding auxiliary roller brush

■If you want to further increase the output, you can also upgrade the double-head marking system

Technical Reference

Power 5W 10W 15W
Laser wavelength 355nm
Laser type UV laser
Repetition frequency 20-120 KHZ
Marking range 50*50mm/70*70mm/110*110mm
Carving line speed ≤7000mm/s
Spot diameter 0.015mm
Power supply AC 220V, 5A
The power consumption of the whole machine 700W
Dimensions 1000*850mm*1250mm
Weight of the whole machine 300kg
Cooling method Water cooling
Environmental requirements Temperature 10~35, humidity 5%~75%, well ventilated, clean and dust-free, no vibration source and electromagnetic interference

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