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Crane Type Mould Welder

Features: CraneTypeLaserWeldingMachineisespeciallydesignedfordomesticlarge,smallandmedium-sizedmouldmanufacturingandmaintenanceindustryandmainusedformoldrepairing.Theworkingprincipleofthislasermachine
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Crane Type Laser Welding Machine is especially designed for domestic large, small and medium-sized mould manufacturing and maintenance industry and main used for mold repairing. The working principle of this laser machine is to take the advantage of the laser deposit welding and uses the technology of collective and spot welding with high heat of laser. It can effectively treat the welding defects of tiny parts and conduct repair work. It also fills the gap of traditional argon-arc welding and cold welding which can’t reach the precision requirements of fine weld surface.
Laser welding machine not only can be used for repairing for the mold, but also can used for modifying the design size for the mold to shorten the time for product’s R&D. During the operation, the operator can select the output power, frequency and pulse width and other parameters by the touching control panel, the operator can also be moved either forward or backward to achieve high welding efficiency. Different wave shapes can be set according to the welding materials so as to allow the welding parameters to match the welding requirements, generate plane and neat welding seams and points and optimize the welding effects. The equipment especially fits the manufacturing, molding and repairing of plastic molds, die-casting molds, extrusion molds, glass molds, plastic blow molds and rubber molds, and is widely used in mold manufacturing and mold industries for products like cell phone, digital devices, automobiles and motorcycles. 
1.  Adjustable laser welding spot diameter, with a high precision and high accuracy.
2.  Using 1064nm laser wavelength is harmless to human beings.
3.  Small heat affected zone, the workpiece will not appear distortion and has no air hole.
4. It fills the gap of traditional argon-arc welding and cold welding which can’t reach the precision requirements of fine weld surface
5.  It can be welded in the narrow parts and used to repair welding in deep cavity parts without hurting the surrounding material, making the mould product deformation andsaging the near area of the welding pool.
6.  When repairing welding fine angular, it will not burn the edge.
7.  Dedicatedargongas protection, repair parts and basic material will not be burnt andoxidized.
8. It is controlled by operating lever which can move at will and suitable for any curve.
9.  Microscope observation operation, small parts will be at a glance.
10. Various kinds of dedicated welding wire, suitable for all kinds of imported mould material,it can be polished and etched after welding. 
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